FOLF fundraises throughout the year and helps to support Long Furlong Primary School to obtain the items that will help to assist in providing a rounded school experience, including equipment or subsidising school trips.

Below are details of how we have helped the school in previous years:


iPads and Charging Trolleys

In 2023 the school asked us to help to provide several new iPads and charging trolleys to help with digital learning, coding, and STEM activities. New charging trolleys meant that these and existing devices could be both securely stored and charged ready for school use when needed.

Throughout the year our team worked hard to provide a variety of fun and entertaining activities including film nights, christmas and easter bazaars, and quiz nights to keep everyone entertained.

As a result of this hard work and wonderful support from the parents and supporters of FOLF we were able to meet our objective and provided the school with the full complement of iPads and charging trolleys they asked for.